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The VIP Deluxe Buffet Stand from Apex Foundation

VIP Deluxe

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The VIP Two Tier Buffet Stand with Large Tray Sizes

VIP Elite

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The VIP Grand Buffet Stand, Easy to Clean and Store

VIP Grand

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The VIP III Convertible Tiered Tray Stand, Add to Cart

VIP III ( Convertible )

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The VIP Regal Tray Stand, Available in Two Options

VIP Regal

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The VIP Sweet Multi Tiered Tray Stand for Event Supplies

VIP Sweet

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Viscount Beverage Fountain Made of Heaviest Gage Stainless Steel


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White Maitred with White Lights Around the Base

White Maitre’d

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White Mirage Starlight, Anodized Inside and Powder Coated Outside

White Mirage

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White Prince Beverage Fountain with Golden and Silver Trim Options

White Prince

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